You finished your text, but you are unsure about where exactly one or the other comma has to be placed, or not? Unsure also whether the spellchecker has found all possible spelling mistakes, and especially grammatical errors? Whether the autocorrection has also caught every typo?

Depending on what you need your text for, errors contained in it may at most be acceptable as negligent sloppiness in texts used privately. In professional contexts, an error-free text is indispensable if you want to convey competence, commitment, seriousness with regard to a topic, a subject or your person.

You are also competent if you are looking for advice on something you are not sure about - and spelling, grammar, punctuation, language in general is a wide field. We know all about that...

Your text is therefore in good hands with us when it comes to proofreading. Our range of proofreading services includes correction:

  • orthographic error
  • grammatical errors
  • punctuation errors (primarily comma errors, but also incorrectly placed full stops, incorrectly used semicolons, hyphens that should be replaced by dashes and vice versa, double spaces, etc.)
  • syntactical errors, i.e. errors in sentence structure

Our prices for proofreading:

  • Business customers: from €6.00/1,800 characters plus VAT
  • Private customers: from €5.25/1,800 characters incl. VAT
  • Students: from €3.15/1,800 characters incl. VAT
  • Minimum order value: €35 plus VAT

Students benefit from our discount price for proofreading academic papers. You can find more information here.

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